What About Now THURSDAY 19.12

What About Now is a 7-hour night in which the experience of time and space is explored.

What About Now is an experiment, a nightly exploration of time, space and sound. 7 hours of electronic and classical music, from eerie recorder loops to ritual choirs from centuries ago, spatial sound and light, lectures, dance, and installations open up new perspectives on the Now. Make the switch to real-time mode, step away from digital distractions, and grow new connections.

Maarten Vos, Loma Doom, Sarah Jeffery, Oscar Kocken, Windsor Consort, Salvador Breed, Boris Acket, Nick Verstand, Uri Eugenio, Camilla Bundel, Poul Holleman, Nadia Struiwigh.

What About Now is part of Negative Space.
Negative Space is an artist in residency at De School which revolves around the modular spatial works by Salvador Breed, Boris Acket, Nick Verstand, Poul Holleman. The installations and performances investigate perception of space as a medium. By using space in a hyperconscious way, Negative Space explores new perspectives on the way people see, hear and feel space around them.

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Tickets: €15
Doors open: 19.00
Doors close after 20.00

Upon arrival, you will be asked to hand in your phone at the wardrobe.