On The Roof

On the roof is a music festival on a beautiful spacious roof in a forgotten corner of Amsterdam-Noord. June to September. Tickets through website.


Magical moments

When the sun goes down behind Central Station, the warm sounds of double bass, acoustic guitar, percussion or lyrical singers caress your ears on our rooftop in Amsterdam Noord. The spectacular setting and the intimate atmosphere of the location form the perfect conditions for artists to create magical moments in a dynamic interaction with the audience.

International flavors of Amsterdam

For the 10th time this summer, On the Roof will be home to the colorful, diverse music scene of Amsterdam and for some of the concerts a special guest from abroad. Artists you may know or would like to discover, are exploring and sometimes crossing the borders of jazz, global sounds and improvised music in authentic performances.

Ten-year anniversary

What started as a somewhat crazy idea born out of passion ten years ago, has become a faithful summer rendezvous to discover new music, hear your favorite artists, enjoy the beautiful sunset and meet with friends.