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John Engels is the living legend drummer of the Netherlands. He started his career at a young age: “I was born the 13th of May 1935, in Groningen, the Netherlands. We were with thirteen kids, me being the eldest. I come from a musical family, those who played the drums were all self-taught. Because, you know, money was tight, so we couldn’t afford costly lessons. My grandpa was the drummer in a Salvation Army Band. My father, John Engels senior, was a very distinguished drummer, I’d say one of the greatest, back in the thirties and later. Also his brother and two of my brothers and my youngest sister, we all play the drums.”

Throughout his career, John Engels has had great success as part of The diamond five and the band of Chet Baker. In 2021 his music career was awarded with the prize ‘Jazzdrummer of the year’. 

Music by:

John Engels – drums

Jan van Duikeren – trumpet & flugelhorn

Karel Boehlee – piano

Aram Kersbergen – double bass

Recorded on June 1, 2021

humble heroes © is a production of Dutch Performers House at Exalto Studio’s Haarlem

Executive producer: Corine Haitjema

Production: Daniela Solano

Sound: Bart Wagemakers

Video: Pieter Hoogland, Rens Beks

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