Wonderful Keep an Eye Award 2023

Nienke Nasserian wins the Keep an Eye Production Prize 2023

Soprano and classical music theater maker Nienke Nasserian is the winner of the annual Wonderfeel Keep an Eye Production prize! Very promising was her pitch of her “self-help opera” RISE about the makeability of happiness.

Risa, a self help opera  
The musical theatre show Rise explores the ‘manufacturability’ of happiness. Why is our happiness and our mental wellbeing in decline? Aren’t we living in one of the happiest countries of the world? Coaching, healing, spiritual retreats; happiness has turned into a billion dollar industry, and self help books are more popular than ever with their promises of a much better, improved life. Reading these books just like everyone else, Nienke realises how much of a luxury it really is. Is there such a thing as a step-by-step plan to achieve happiness? Which music could be a part of that? Nienke integrates classical voice, singing bowls, kalimba, and healing frequencies for the chakras to reach all the senses through the elements: water, fire, wind, earth, and space

“You have to dare: pitching your inner quest for happiness in front of a jury. Nienke did it with so much energy, individuality and a touch of irony, that she convinced us in no time that this deserves a stage at Wonderfeel” -according to the jury.


Keep an Eye Production Prize
The annual award offers young creative makers the chance to realize their artistic ideas and ambitions. With the sum of ten thousand euros, they develop a new, complete stage production that will premiere during the Wonderfeel festival.