Coen Witteveen | Cold Monday

Locatie: Haarlem
Datum: 26/06/2019

Let us introduce you to saxophone player Coen Witteveen! Creative in heart and soul, who makes music with different kinds of artists like Typhoon, Matt Simons, Plastik.Soldiers and many others. Besides that, he produces and composes music from his own studio in Amersfoort. Witteveen has a huge drive when it comes to combining art, culture, society and eduction all in one. That’s the main reason why he’s also an advisor of Fonds Podium Kunsten and Stadkamer, projectleader of Urban Arts Project ‘Elevator’, coach for young talent at TivoliVredenburg and on top of that he’s also a trainer and inspirator in education and business. That sounds like a lot, but he needs this balance as a person and entrepreneur. It all ignites one and another.

This piece is called ’Cold Monday’ by Coen Witteveen.

Coen Witteveen: sax, drumcomputer and synth
Willem van der Krabben: drums
Luc van Ruler: synth & sampling