humble heroes | chelsea laverne | sunday bloody sunday

Locatie: ExaltoStudio's
Datum: 19/12/2022

Sunday Bloody Sunday is a song by U2 – 

Chelsea Laverne is a Dutch keyboard player and was born in Amsterdam. She started to make music when she was seven years old. She got accepted at the Pop Academy in Amsterdam after high school and studied at the Conservatory of Haarlem and graduated in 2018. From that point on she has build a nice career for herself. 

Chelsea draws her inspiration from styles such as Neosoul, Disco, Fusion, Pop, Synthsoul, House, Soul, Jazz and Funk. She is known for her “funky rhythms, steady timing and quirky sounds”. The band Snarky Puppy, singer Ledisi and keyboardists Shaun Martin, Dennis Ham (Thundercat, Knower), Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) belong at the top of her list of inspirations in music.

Sharing the stage with many inspiring artists, including names such as Sven Hammond, Candy Dulfer, José James and Colin Benders (Kyteman).  Chelsea also plays with the Soundwise band led by Musical Directors Jimmy van den Nieuwenhuizen and Eric van Tijn at several major shows and events including ‘Heel Holland Zingt Hazes in the Ziggo Dome, The Passion and the Christmas Music Gala’. 

Since December 2020, Chelsea is part of the 16-piece big band led by Sven Figee (Sven Hammond) of the musical Saturday night show of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk: ‘Matthijs Gaat Door’. The musician also played piano for 3 years in the Broadway Musical ‘Tina, the Tina Turner Musical’ in collaboration with Joop van der Ende and Tina Turner.  

Chelsea also composes her own songs. Among other things, the keyboardist had the opportunity to record a “60 second solo” video of her own work for Red Bull Music. This video was distributed on Red Bull’s national and international social media channels. On her Instagram, you can find several videos in which she produces her own beats and performs them live.

We hope you will enjoy the session with Chelsea Laverne!


Chelsea Laverne – keys

Guy Nikkels – guitar

Camilla Alfieri – vocals

Jermaine Kanbier – drums

Recorded on June 15, 2022. 

Humble heroes © is a production of Dutch Performers House at Exalto Studio’s Haarlem

Executive producer: Corine Haitjema

Production: Daniela Solano

Sound: Bart Wagemakers

Video: Pieter Hoogland, Rens Beks

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