humble heroes | chris bruining, jan barkie groep | cumbia cinaguera/mi cumbia

Locatie: Exaltor Studio's Haarlem
Datum: 25/06/2021

Chris is a Dutch percussionist, drummer and musician from the Netherlands. He comes from Lelystad and is a music lover since his childhood. He used to go to Lowlands every year from his 14th. And now he plays Lowlands and great festivals with the amazing bands The Mauskovic Dance Band, La Banda Fantastica and Gallowstreet around the Netherlands and Europe. Chris is an unique drummer that combines different styles within his playing. Chris said in an interview with the Slagwerkkrant about The Mauskovic Dance Band that the first idea was to play without a drummer and with two percussionists. Eventually he was alone and he tried to play all the drum parts himself. It seemed to work out just fine. That became their sound. That’s how Chris accidentally became a drummer. “Because I do everything myself the sound is quite minimalistic, since I can’t play all the parts at the same time.” He is absolutely one to watch. We hope you enjoy his session!

Music by Mano Hostelle – Bass
Chris Bruining – Percussion
Marnix Wilmink – Keys & Bongo
Hector Wijnbergen – Piano & Guitar

Recorded on March 23, 2021 humble heroes © is a production of Dutch Performers House
at Exalto Studio’s Haarlem
Executive producer: Corine Haitjema
Production: Daniela Solano
Sound: Bart Wagemakers
Video: Pieter Hoogland, Marieke Schoenmakers, Rens Beks