humble heroes | nathalie schaap | interview

Locatie: Exaltor, Haarlem
Datum: 26/02/2021

Interview with Nathalie Schaap by Dutch Jazz duo Rolf Delfos & Bart Wirtz. Nathalie Schaap is a Dutch double bass player and singer. Nathalie developed her musical talent playing different instruments within classical music. She studied at the Conservatory and turned heads with her amazing final exam combining double bass and vocals.

She is well known for her virtuosity and creativity. She won several prices such as Christina JazzConcours, de Vriendenprijs van Artez, the final spot of the Conservatory Talent Award during Jazz in Duketown. Nathalie started off with singing classical music.

She took lessons from Maria Acda, Valerie Guillorit, Riekje Bakker, Ineke Vlogtman en Wilma Ten Wolde (Nationaal Kinderkoor). After a year of Conservatorium and exploring her voice she started to play the double bass, what she does very frequently still and actively.

After this exploration she switched from classical music to light music. Now she plays with many projects such as Cousin Hatfield and the Medan Trio with which she played in Europe. Besides that she works with the Metropole Orchestra, Tangarine, the NBE, Laura Mvula, Bertolf, Franklin D Jones and Douwe Bob.

Nathalie is sure one to watch!

Music by Nathalie Schaap –
Vocals & double bass Janos Koolen
– Mandoline & Backing Vocals Mark Schimmel
– Gitaar & Backing Vocals Jos van Ringen
– Banjo Recorded on December 4th, 2020
humble heroes © is a production of Dutch Performers House
at Exalto Studio’s Haarlem
Executive producer: Corine Haitjema
Production: Daniela Solano
Sound: Bart Wagemakers
Video: Pieter Hoogland, Marieke Schoenmakers, Rens Beks

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