Martijn van Agt | interview

Locatie: Haarlem
Datum: 1550534400

Interview by Dutch Jazz duo Rolf Delfos & Bart Wirtz with Martijn van Agt.

Guitarist Martijn van Agt belongs to the top of the Dutch music scene. He is a frequently asked session musician, but he’s also known from rocking live stages with many artists, including Ilse DeLange, The Common Linnets, Anouk, Ricky Koole, Charlie Dee and Sarah Bettens. Besides that, he also writes and produces his own music and teaches guitar at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. In humble heroes he’s invited for a one-off studio session in which he himself has the lead.

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Recorded on Feb. 19, 2019

humble heroes © is a production of Dutch Performers House at Exalto Studio’s Haarlem
Executive producer: Corine Haitjema
Production: Daniela Solano
Sound: Bart Wagemakers
Video: Pieter Hoogland, Marieke Schoenmakers

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