Reyer Zwart – Interview

Locatie: Haarlem
Datum: 03/03/2019

Interview by Dutch Jazz duo Rolf Delfos & Bart Wirtz with bass player Reyer Zwart, who is a well known session musician in the Netherlands. He played (double) bass, guitar, mandoline in bands of Jacqueline Govaert, Daniël Lohues, Anne Soldaat, Freek de Jonge, Claudia de Breij,, Philip Kroonenberg and Tim Knol.
In humble heroes he is invited for a one-off studio session in which he himself has the lead.
The complete interview can be found on: humbleheroespodcasts or humbleheroesonspotify

humble heroes is a production of Dutch Perfomers House at Exalto Studio’s Haarlem
Executive producer: Corine Haitjema
Production: Daniela Solano
Sound: Bart Wagemakers
Video: Pieter Hoogland, Marieke Schoenmakers