5 años

Mambísimo Big Band

With Mambísimo Big Band the golden ages of the great Latin Big Bands come to life again. This 15-piece band takes you back to the legendary performances in the New York Palladium and Tropicana in Havana.

The band’s repertoire consists of a well-balanced mix of mambo, salsa and cha cha cha. Famous and less famous songs like Ran Kan Kan, Yo Soy La Rumba, Aja Bibi of musical scores like Tito Puente, Machito and Beny Moré are played.

Optionally, a show team of dancers can be added to the Big Band itself. Of course, all dancers wear the beautiful outfits, which in a glance bring back memories to the heyday of this music.

A performance of Mambísimo guarantees an evening of musical class, show and swing. A gozar!


Produced by: Jeroen Kleijkers Recording: Maarwegstudio 2 Cologne Mixing by: Christian Heck Mastering by: Ron Van Stratum Production assistant: Sebastian Nickoll Video Edit by: Jorre Reynders Video Recording Ives Sondermeier Singers Johaned Bueno Ney Portales Trumpets Dave Vreuls Matthias Schwengler Gustavo Jaramillo Yuliesky Gonzalez Daniel vandehoydonks Trombones Andy Hunter Jeroen Kleijkers Saxes Jorre Reynders Moritz von Kleist Jens Neufang Piano Thomas Böttcher Bass Juan Camillo Timbales Daniel Hahnfeld Congas/Shekere Leonid Hernandez Bongo/Campana Sebastian Nickoll