Allresembling Fire


My new Single All Resembling Fire is about getting blinded by expectations and ambitions that are there, but not from a self love perspective, rather our own ego. It is important to have an ego to achieve your aims, but pushing too hard and being over critical of yourself in the wrong time can cause one to get into a bad place mentally and eventually physically, that ironically reduces your productivity drastically. When it is happening repeatedly, it makes it harder to get up every time, whilst losing precious time, health and belief in yourself.

This song is a reminder to listen to yourself, learning to enjoy the path to your aim and to be mindful and loving to your own mental/physical dynamics. To take a moment to reflect and breathe.


Viktoria Kukule - compositie, zang, piano
Gijs Coolen - productie, gitaar, synths, mix
Matthias Landes - drums
Tobias Ponsioen - drums
Pieter Kloos - mastering