What you are holding in your hands is a self-portrait of my alter-ego. Andreas is my baptismal name and represents a side of me that doesn’t come to the surface on a daily. It’s the deeper layer of who I am as a person but mostly who I want to be as a producer. With this musical self-portrait, my goal was to unravel this deeper layer, to challenge myself to create in ways I haven’t created before and most importantly to come closer to my realest self. I hope you can relate to the music and recognize a part of yourself, as we all have multiple sides of ourselves, in different forms, in different times.

The music on this record was made during a global pandemic, during which I was mostly confined to my studio and my home. I advise to listen to the music on headphones or in a quiet listening place to recreate the feeling and hear the tracks in context.

Jonathan Andreas Tan


All Tracks Composed & Produced by: Wantigga
Guest Appearances: PRVTE, On The Fence, JAEL, Maydien & Ganz
Additional production on "Ballad for Yuki" by Mark Pattiapon
Additional vocals on "Comigo" by On The Fence and Evelyn Luimes
Additional production on "Blow My Mind" and "Bike Ride" by Henk Glabeek
Mixed by: The Flexican
Mastering by: Shawn Hatfield at Audibleoddities
Photography by: Joost Termeer
Art Direction & Graphic Design by: HouseTmm
Mask Designed by: Esmay Wagemans