Fie Schouten

Chambery: “chamber-y.” Six chamber music pieces by Tobias Klein: a trio, four duets and a solo piece, all with bass clarinet. A duet by Enno Poppe rounds out the program.

‘This album (Chambery, 2018) is truly outstanding and represents bass clarinet playing and chamber music at the highest level. Aside from the beautiful musicianship within each track, it must also be mentioned that the album as a whole has a clear artistic arc and musical clarity that is a welcome addition to the world of contemporary music and clarinet recordings.’
Prewitt (dec 2019) Magazine The Clarinet (USA)

1) Leichte Überlappungen (2018) – Tobias Klein
Fie Schouten, Jelte Althuis bass clarinet
2) Kengboginn (2014) – Tobias Klein
Fie Schouten bass clarinet, Goska Isphording harpsichord
3) SteinHolzGummiWasser (2009) – Tobias Klein
Fie Schouten bass clarinet, Bart de Vrees percussion
4) Bogus Bogey (2005) – Tobias Klein
Fie Schouten bass clarinet, Tarmo Johannes flute
Taavi Kerikmäe piano
5) Vermutung (2008) – Tobias Klein
Fie Schouten bass clarinet, Marko Kassl accordion
6) Tõmba Tõmba (2014) – Tobias Klein
Fie Schouten bass clarinet
7) Schlaf (2011/15) – Enno Poppe
Fie Schouten, Jelte Althuis contrabass clarinet


Fie Schouten (tr 1-7), Jelte Althuis (tr 1,7) basklarinet/contrabasklarinet
Goska Isphording (tr 2) clavecimbel
Bart de Vrees (tr 3) percussie
Tarmo Johannes (tr 4) fluit
Taavi Kerikmäe (tr 4) piano
Marko Kassl (tr 5) accordion

Opname: Arjan van Asselt, Andreas Fröba (6)
Edit, mix, master: Arjan van Asselt
Locaties: Amsterdam (Orgelpark, Splendor), Tallinn (EMAT), Firenze (SBA+C)
Label: ATTACCA (ATT2018.156)
Artwork Titus Verster
Coverfoto Oliver Kern