TENEDLE is a Composer/Songwriter, Producer, Performer and Sound Designer born in Florence (Italy) living in The Netherlands. In the second half of the ‘80s Tenedle was a member of the electronic new wave band Laughing Silence. The band breaks up in 1995 and Tenedle begins a series of collaborations and projects in the field of electronic music starting his solo career.
Since then Tenedle released 9 studio albums : Psicfreakblusbus (2003), Luminal (2005), Alter (2007) Grancassa (2010) Vulcano (2014) Odd To Love – A tribute to Emily Dickinson (2015) Traumsender (2018), The Beast of Tenedle (Songs collection 2019), Glossophobia (Soundtrack 2020) Stellar (Digital EP 2020) Dark Traumsender – Remixes (Digital 2021). Distinguished by a mix of songwriting, electronic music, themes from the ‘imaginary’, Tenedle’s projects have led the press to call him “a visionary songwriter” and his songs to be described as “small films”. Tenedle is a contemporary songwriter and his music is a personal universe.
Over the years he has participated in several Prizes gaining recognition both in Italy and in the Netherlands. Tenedle presents his live performances based on electronic sound and visuals with some acoustic moments and theatrical hints. Alone or with guest musicians, in the years, Tenedle performed in Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France and Luxemburg. Tenedle is working on a new album featuring many International artists.

DEMETRA i the title of the new album by Tenedle, included 13 new tracks, composer and produced by Tenedle. The album Will feature many international Guest artists zoals the Dutch trumpet player Bert Lochs (Utrecht), Singer songwriter Maartje Teussink (Rotterdam), Singer Charlotte Karlsted (Amsterdam), Vocals, Singer Serena Riley (London), Maestro Fabio Torriti (Viola) from Florence, Italy, Andrea Fusario (Bass guitar) Greta Merli (Guitar) both from Livorno (Italy). It is the meaning to print the album on compact-disc, maybe on vynil. The release date should be in January 2022. Het is een independent work under the label name (collective) Sussurround (by Tenedle) Money is meeding is to cover artists fee and the production and launch of the album. DEMETRA Will be performed live with a multimedia show.


Music & Lyrics by Tenedle
Tenedle: Vocals Synthesizers Guitar Computer programming
Bert Lochs: Trumpet Flugelhorn
Greta Merli:Guitars
Sirena Riley: Vocals
Charlotte Karlsted: Vocals
Maartje Teussink: Vocals
Andrea Fusario: Bass Guitar
Fabio Torriti: Viola
Mastering: Pietro Rossi (REDSTONE Amsterdam)

Graphics: Tenedle (in the making)
Name label (collective): Sussurround