Free Enough

Sanne Sanne

Sanne Huijbregts has always been passionate about contributing to the current musical landscape. As a small red-headed child, she could already be heard filling the Dutch cycling paths and European mountain hiking trails with her flawless singing voice. She couldn’t wait to sit behind the piano to write music during the holidays. At home, Joni Mitchell was interspersed with Yann Tiersen and The Beatles, and thanks to her seasoned nomadic parents, her young creative mind was nurtured with the space, silence, solitude and freedom she found in nature.

This unique combination of influences turned out to be the perfect breeding ground for Sanne Sanne. After a multi-year search for her own sound as both singer and percussionist, she offers up her debut album Mountain Child. In this musical photo album she takes you on a journey to a nostalgic time full of childish curiosity and the urge to explore.

In the opening piece and first single Free Enough you are immersed in unanswered questions. When are you free enough? What do you long for? Where do you belong? Tumbling through treacherous time signatures and harmonies, you land on a surprisingly catchy chorus. Sanne’s jazz background can clearly be heard in her composition, and it leaves you with the need to immediately listen to the piece again.


Sanne Huijbregts - vocals, xylosynth, kalimba, glockenspiel & various percussion
Roosmarijn Tuenter - vocals & viola
Pat Cleaver - bass & vocals
Jeroen Batterink - drums & vocals

Recorded in 2022 in Amsterdam
Pat Cleaver - production, mix & master
Tony Roe - additional recording & mixing
Sanne Huijbregts - artwork

Bird Call Bookings, Robert van der Padt

ZenneZ Records, John Weijers