Ge vindt wel een taal


After a couple of years of occasional gigs together, three gentlemen, who were world famous in the Dutch folk-scene already from other projects, joined forces to record a CD together. The result is a delightful blend of Western European traditional music. Luc Plompens voice will carry you from vinyards in the Auvergne, France, to the unslept bed of a 17th century Dutch virgin. He sings just as easily of condemning war of all times or immigration hopes and problems as of the choice between wine and women. (spoiler alert: he chooses wine.)
The groundwork and basis for Luc to sing on is layed down by Niek van Uden on accordion. His sense of arrangement, harmony and groove is astonishing. These two musicians are accompanied by Wouter Kuyper who brings a bag full of bagpipes, recorders, a chalumeau and joyous and frivolous melodies to the table.
Basically, just some good old-fashioned music.

The band has opted to release the CD slowly on all streamingservices, to give real fans the pleasure of hearing the music earlier than casual fans. This means at this moment you can only hear 4 tracks for now.


Luc Plompen, zang/gitaar
Niek van Uden, accordeon/achtergrondzang
Wouter Kuyper, chalumeau/fluit/doedelzak/achtergrondzang

Niki van der Schuren, gastzangeres

Studio Doornenburg, Janos Koolen, mixing/mastering.