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S'yo Fang Group

“Vangt en bevrijdt emoties in geluiden en poëzie” De Volkskrant
​”Captures and liberates the emotions in the sounds and the poetry.”

​ Embracing the passion of contemporary poetry, by stretching the boundaries of musical genres into a sensible avant-garde, S’yo is set on delivering a new highly personal project that profoundly and subtly communicates with listener’s emotions. It musicalizes contemporary poetry and creates a sonic texture through spoken word, multi-language, free improvisation, or an entirely composed paragraph. ​


➡️ Producer: 方斯由 S'yo Fang
S’yo Fang Group
Composition: S’yo Fang
Piano: S’yo Fang
Vocal: Priscilla Nokoe
Flute/Alto Flute: Yoojin Ko
Clarinet/ Bass Clarinet: Emilio Parrilla Garcia
Acoustic Bass/ Electronic Bass: Alessio Bruno
Drum: Richie Struck

Recording Engineer: Wout de Kruif
Mixing Engineer: Udo Pannekeet
Mastering: Sander van der Heide
Recording Studio: Wedgeview Studio, The Netherlands
Art Director/Design: Szu-Yi Wang @szu_yiwang
Film Director: Daniel Donato, Kristina Daurova
Copywriter: S’yo Fang
Translater: Rebecca Long、 S’yo Fang
Planner & Marketing: S’yo Fang, Tami Toledo Matuoka
Distribution in Europe: ZenneZ Records

National Culture and Arts Foundation Taiwan
Sena Performers Muziekproductiefonds
Stichting Droom en Daad
Meng-Tieh Chou Foundation