III: The Great Light Above


Following their acclaimed recent ’II: A Material God’ (2021) and Live at Roadburn (2022) albums, and having played at prestigious festivals like Roadburn Redux 2020 and LADLO fest 2022, Dutch progressive black metal act WESENWILLE doesn’t skip a beat and reveals its next opus in collaboration with France’s cult label Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions. Behold ‘III: The Great Light Above’, an exploration of the limits of dissonance and unconventional song structures.

WESENWILLE’s music comprises dissonant aggression, captivating grooves and introspective atmospheres. Driven by stark sonic contrasts, this uniquely modern take on the black metal genre neither disowns its roots, nor shies away from experimentation. With its third full-length album ‘III: The Great Light Above’ WESENWILLE presents a clear evolution within its established modern formula, while not abandoning the band’s signature modern black metal sound.

With production in the hands of S. Lockhart of Iceland’s Studio Emissary (Svartidaudi, Audn, Zhrine, Sinmara), the sound design on the third WESENWILLE album has taken a darker turn compared to its predecessors. Expect overpowering vocals, big drum sounds, and crushing rhythm guitars doused in ethereal leads. Being less mechanical and more layered compared to albums ‘I’ and ‘II’, ‘III: The Great Light Above’ also leaves room for new instrumentation to be discovered.

Reminiscent of the debut album, both colossal 7+-minute and few shorter tracks make up the full length of the new album. Each track comes with its own intentions, structures and twisted turns. The observant listener will discover how these altogether merge into a seamless whole. Lyrically, ‘III: The Great Light Above’ explores man’s ravenous, destructive will to greatness while turning a blind eye to the light offered by ages past.

Stare into The Great Light Above – an eclectic black metal offering of the bleakest kind.

For fans of black dredge in the vein of Deathspell Omega, Svartidauði and Sinmara.

‘III: The Great Light Above’ releases on digital, digipak CD and vinyl formats through LADLO productions on October 21st, 2022.

Some words by Black Metal Daily on the sophomore album II: A Material God:
“…there’s an undeniable force to Wesenwille‘s music. One that can forge civilizations and move mountains… the sense that what you’re hearing is bigger than anything you can comprehend. Much like our situation, if we could only take a step back and see it for what it is.
In short: a massive improvement over their debut, very worth listening to and grabbing a copy from LADLO while they last. Do it for the greater good.”


All music created by Wesenwille in 2020 & 2021. Performed by: R. Schmidt - Bass, Cello, Guitars, Vocals D. Schermann - Drums Composition and lyrics by R. Schmidt. Drums recorded by S. Vermeulen (Studio Moskou, Utrecht). Other instruments recorded by R. Schmidt. Mixed and mastered by S. Lockhart (Studio Emissary, Reykjavik). Photography by H.E. Edgerton. Design by Sauge Noire. Wesenwille is R. Schmidt. Wesenwille sincerely thanks Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions, L. Abbenes, dB’s, Galgenvot, B. van Haare, R. Keja, S. Lockhart, N. van Noort, D. Schermann, SENA, Y. Snel and S. Vermeulen for their invaluable contributions and continued support.