Le Nouveau Salon

Sarah Ouakrat

Le Nouveau Salon is the debut album of French flutist Sarah Ouakrat; inspired by the writer Marcel Proust (« in Search of Lost Times), the parisian « salons » from « La Belle Epoque » and the theme of unvoluntary/sensory memory. Sarah dared to rearranged masterpieces from the flute repertoire in her own way, retracing her journey as a musician, from Paris to Lyon to London to Zurich and Amsterdam. The album is also an hommage to her mentors and features a fantastic team of musicians in pieces by Schubert, Ravel, Debussy and Prokofiev . Curious? Go listen!


-Schubert for flute, tenor (Michael Bennett) and piano (Maarten den Hengst) -Ravel for flute and piano (Ivana Alkovic) -Debussy with poem by Gabriel Mourey (played and recited by Sarah Ouakrat) -Prokofiev for flute, violin (Floor Le Coultre) and piano (Maarten den Hengst) Recording producer: Guido Tichelman