Living la Covida Loca

Lo Poloko

In an era marked by adversity and resilience, Lo Poloko emerges as a beacon of creative collaboration. Comprising musicians hailing from diverse backgrounds, including classical, jazz, and folklore, the band unites the talents of members from Mexico, Italy, Chile, Spain and Portugal, creating an irresistible fusion of sounds that defy boundaries.
“Living La Covida Loca”, slated for release on October 27, 2023, is a remarkable testament to the power of music as a source of joy and inspiration during challenging times. Lo Poloko invites listeners to embark on a euphoric journey through Latin-American rhythms, punctuated by a sonic explosion that encompasses mariachi balkan brass, bombastic Latin grooves, rock guitar riffs, and hyper-energetic percussion. Their slogan, “A Big Tropical Bang,” encapsulates the explosive energy that this exceptional ensemble brings to the world.
“Living La Covida Loca” is a musical odyssey that dives into countless styles of music, reminding us of the importance of celebration and togetherness. It is an album that promises to transport you to a realm where life is enjoyment and every moment is an opportunity to dance as if it were the last day on Earth.


Lo Poloko:
Joao Pedro Santos - Trumpet / Vocals
Alessandro Russo - Saxophone / Vocals
Juanvi Climent - Trombone / Vocals
Reinaldo Donoso - Bass Trombone / Vocals
Carlos Henriques Jacques - Guitar / Vocals / Producer
Giuseppe Bordasco - Bass / Vocals
Javier Infestas - Percussion / Vocals / Producer

Guest musicians:
Kimi Vera - Vocals
Sophie Nakou - Vocals
Leonardo Soqui - Accordion
Daniel Quiles - Trombone
Istvan Szogi - Trombone
Javier Herrero - Drums
Maria Martinez - Marimba, Vibraphone / Vocals
Jori Collignon - Piano
Ruben Elegido - Tuba

Jori Collignon - Mix
Hans Mues - Mix / Master
Dave O’Gorman - Mix
Christian Red - Mix
Darius van Helfteren - Master
Carlos Henrique Jacques Anderson