Melle Jutte

Contemporary R&B artist Melle Jutte is a songwriter and producer from Amsterdam. He started out as a producer for several artists and focussed on beats focussed music for his solo projects. After his debut single ‘Concrete’ ft. Pete Philly Melle took his seat in the studio as main producer and co-writer for Pete’s project.

In 2019, Melle decided it was time for him to follow up on his first solo project and focus on creating new music. Eventually Melle took a big turn and started writing and singing himself. This new way of creating opened up many possibilities in his creative process which led to his today’s sound. A blend of soul, jazz, indie rnb and experimental electronic music. An eclectic analogue sound put together with lots of groove percussive elements and soulful uplifting harmonies.

Over the past years Melle has released multiple singles and his EP called ‘Dreamstate’ which included songs like ‘Go’ and ‘Tell Me’. This songs were building blocks for him as an artist and put him on the radar. In 2021 Melle Jutte started to focus on developing his live show too. With his band he toured throughout the Netherlands and got selected as 3voor12 Popronde Talent.


Artiest: Melle Jutte Gitaar: Davy Lourenburg Bass: Marijn de Zwart Drums: Jonathan Szegedi