This is LOVSKI (feat Kaleta & Jahari)

Life is all about perspective. Together with Afro legend Kaleta and Caribbean Popstar Jahari, This is LOVSKI invites you to jump around in low times. No matter how bizarre your life might feel at times, there is always time to together.

The track Pink by This is LOVSKI is a song about connection, love, a borderless freedom and being together. It is about seeing light, even when life feels dark. Like pink birds in the sky, we can look at our lives from another perspective and appreciatie what we have. Dance, jump around, share the moment together and forget the sorrow. It’s about looking at life from another point of view.

For this single, This is LOVSKI (Igor Sekulovic) worked together with two inspiring people that brought a new perspective to this song. Africa meets The Carribean meets Bosnia and Herzegovina in a unique blend of sounds and pop production.


written and produced by Igor Sekulovic at ISEK studio Eindhoven
co-written by John Harris & Kaleta

Recorded at ISEK Studio Eindhoven (by Igor Sekulovic)
& Voyager sound New York (by Kaleta)

Mixed by Robin Hunt at Atlas Studio Berlin
Mastered by Diego Calvina at 3:3:2 Studio Mastering Buenos Aires