Aidan & the Wild

Being fascinated by the guitar at the early age of eight Aidan & the Wild, the moniker by which Eindhoven based musician Diederik van den Brandt tells his musical tale, holds a deep passion for the instrument that has only been growing ever since. While his folky open-tuning guitar style can be linked to influences such as Ben Howard and the Tallest Man On Earth the singer-songwriter looks towards the direction of Nashville just as often. Packed with an intrinsically unconventional play style and disarmingly honest voice his songs result in a timeless blend of folk and americana that has a unique freshness to it.
Over the years his love for the guitar branched out to a wider range of instruments such as the pedal steel guitar, banjo and mandolin, which he can be found playing as a side man for various other acts almost as often as at the front of the stage. This skill reflects back to his work as a producer for his own records, on which he arranges and plays the better part of the instruments.

Not being much of an athlete Aidan & the Wild started to take up running as a way to keep moving when the 1th lockdown started in March 2020. After always seeing sports as a waste of time (since you could practice an instrument instead) he couldn’t help but feel strange about the whole situation. The song is inspired by the weird state of the world during the COVID crisis, and how we as people just fell into the situation and can’t do much more than live through it.


Written by Diederik van den Brandt
Produced by Diederik van den Brandt

Diederik van den Brandt - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, electric guitar, keys, banjo, percussion
Dan Huijser - Drums
Julius Rense - Bass guitar
Dési Ducrot - Backing vocals

Mixed & mastered by Wessel Oltheten

Video by Martijn Kuijten