Show Don’t Tell

Zuster Zonnebloem

In november 2023 Zuster Zonnebloem releases their debut album called ‘Show Don’t Tell’. A record dedicated to activism and realization of our influence on the planet and each other. They submerge themselves in themes such as freedom, spirituality and the consciousness of the universe, with a direct yet hopeful message. They tap into their passion for the vintage ’70s sound, put in a modern daylight. With powerful rock bangers like ‘Wavy Forms & Formless Waves’ and ‘Wildflower’, next to intimate songs like ‘Between The Lights’ and ‘Pockets Filled With Seeds’ and an 8 minute psychedelic journey called ‘Folklore’, this album is an amalgamation of Zuster Zonnebloem’s broad influences and imagination.


Hanne Brunekreeft - Lead vocals
Lars Douma - Drums
Rick van Loon - Guitar
Timo Verlaan - Bass

Vincent Fraenkel - Recording engineer, All keys & synths, Mixing
Pieter Kloos - Mastering
Dylan van de Grift - Sitar