Show Pony & No Compliments

Step inside the vividly person world of Show Pony. Together with producer and multi instrumentalist No Compliments Show Pony’s debut EP is a winding world of eclectic pop sound juxtaposed against classical ambient soundscapes.


Music, vocals, lyrics, electronics, double bass, bass guitar by Show Pony
Music, synthesizers, electronics, mixing by No Compliments
Zoo written by Show Pony, Igor C. Silva, & No Compliments

Backing Vocals sung by Bec Plexus
Trumpet played by Allison Philips
Violin played by Isa Goldschmeding
Viola played by Thora Sveinsdóttir
Cello played by Alistair Sung
Guitar played by Blaise Adamson
Foley percussion, drums, and marimba played by Ramon Lormans
Grunting by Alistair Sung, Isa Goldschmeding, & Thora Sveinsdóttir
Prepared Piano (Zoo) Igor C. Silva

Produced by No Compliments
Mixed by No Compliments
Mastered by Brandenburg Mastering
Artwork by Paul Simon Heyduck
Graphic design by Senne van Eck

Made possible with support from Sena Muziekproductiefonds