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‘’Missing the quirkiest pop tendencies of mid-‘90s alt-rock radio? Banji’s new one will have you harkening back to the days of Beck, Cake and early Weezer. You’ll spastically dance as the Dutch group crash guitar fuzz into a wall of synths and gleefully watch the chaos ensue.’’ – Billboard

‘’Fizzing with the kind of earwormy chorus and giddy spirit that’d happily nestle in a mixtape between the likes of Phoenix, The Drums, Darwin Deez and other prime exponents of That Simpler Time, it’s a joyous thing from the Dutch newbies. Well done Banji.’’ – DIY

‘’Banji are a ludicrously talented four-piece whose knack for coughing up skewed indie jammers had made them The Name To Drop in their homeland.’’ – CLASH

Netherlands 4-piece Banji channels the chameleonic indie stylings of Beck, The Dandy Warhols or Darwin Deez in matching spiky guitars with 8-bit bleeps and sardonic lyrics.
The quartet have already started turning heads in their native Netherlands, with an after show set for Vampire Weekend and support slot with Belgian icons Balthazar under their belts.
There’s pedigree in the recording team, the track being a co-production between the band and Jeroen De Pessemier (Oscar and the Wolf) at ICP Studios in Brussels, where The Cure and The Vaccines have recorded, and mixed by Mucky, who has worked with Sevdaliza.
A creative relationship with LA based artist Zack Rosebrugh has created a defined graphical style to populate the colourful world they’re generating too.


Morris Brandt
Gilles van Wees
Twan de Roo
Jasper Meurs
Reynard Bargmann (Mucky)
Jeroen De Pessemier