Solidary Confinement EP


Synthesizer + Turntablism = ‘Syntablism’.

It’s the new art of using a turntable and mixer to create and/or manipulate sound with a modular synthesizer. Kypski’s mission is to perfect his technique and introduce it to a broader audience. Live sets are improvisational electronic beat excursions, with sounds and music created in the moment – literally ‘from scratch’. An example is his ‘Solidary Confinement EP’ with each song having its own unique animated musicvideo.

His music has recently been embraced by the ‘ModBap’ movement in the USA. ‘ModBap’ is a Modular Synth meets Boom Bap beat type of music, released by indielabels like BEATPPL Records. On Patreon, Kypski lets his Patrons dive into his creative process.

Syntablism + Modbap = SOLIDARY CONFINEMENT.


Benjamin Herman
Ali the Architect (USA)