Stay The Night

Vice Vrsa & Mark Vayne

The duo Vice Vrsa consists of two brothers who share the same musical genes. Inspired by classical music, they challenge themselves to apply well-known classical harmonies to their contemporary Dance tunes. “Stay The Night” is a song that embodies the essence of passion, uncertainty, and the thrilling possibilities that arise when we let go and embrace the night.


Vice Vrsa and Mark Vayne bring a unique fusion of musical perspectives. Vice Vrsa, known for their innovative approach to music production, seamlessly blends groovy beats with harmonious melodies, creating a musical landscape that is both dynamic and emotive. Mark Vayne, a masterful vocalist, infuses his compositions with a profound sense of storytelling. Their combined musical perspectives not only complement each other but also push the boundaries of creativity, delivering a unique auditory experience that resonates with a diverse audience and leaves a lasting impact in the realm of contemporary music.