Tell Me Something Happy (Before I Fall Asleep)


There’s a new band in town! comforter2 is the new baby of Meetsysteem, Tammo Hesselink & Marianne Noordzij. Born from a residency space in Arnhem as they we’re being snowed in over the pandemic, comforter2 is a band for club heads and a club act for band heads. Sometimes two worlds meet – and through this conversation love is found – that’s a quote from the album=> we’ve included the full lyrics per track below so you can read along.
If you’re familiar with their solo projects you won’t be surprised by the size of this debut;
16 fresh, club-leaning, indie pop/rock tunes that we’ll release on cassette as well as digital. The tracks are formed by all members: Tammo’s knack for bass and rhythms, Meetsysteem’s songwriting skills (the album is sung in English) and together by Marianne’s designs and voice, adding a touch of blissful psychedelia.
It’s an honest, upfront album about the highs and lows of modern life, seen through the eyes of a raver at their peak. It lends their sound a sense of alluring melancholy, a beauti- fully bittersweet sense of mood that stays with you long after the rhythms have finished. Like lullabies, for the dancefloor.


Tammo Hesselink, Ricky Cherim (Meetsysteem), Marianne Noordzij - instrumenten, productie, tekst & zang
Fokke de Wit - Bas en Mix
Sjoerd Bartlema - Drums
Sjoerd Oberman - Master