The Horizon

Chasing Hills

Falling in love is easy, but how do you stay in love? THE HORIZON tells the story of two people who worry if they truly love each other and secretly even doubt if it would ever really work out between them. They’ve always taken it for granted, failed to look for a deeper connection and now feel like they’re losing each other. With this song taking place at the pinnacle, they try their best to mend what is broken and find their way back again to love.

CHASING HILLS is a Dutch indie poprock band that blows you away with their energetic sound and vibrant presence on stage. Together, the band writes melodic, dynamic and catchy songs that grip you from the very beginning with powerful guitars, tight bass lines and vivid lyrics. All inspired by artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay and the Kooks. Songs about finding love, holding onto it, letting go and losing it, with a friendly nudge towards the coming-of-age pop culture of their 90s youth.


Vocals/guitar: Ward van Zeijl
Guitar: Frank van Jole
Bas: Maxime Haan
Drums: Pascal Groeneveld
Producer by Kees Braam at Epic Rainbow Unicorn Studio
Mastered by Elaine Rasnake at Daughterboard Audio