The Secret Recordings

The Magic Mumble Jumble

“Any musician in history knew they were being recorded. Ours did not. Never before has something like this been documented.”

In 2020 the management of The Magic Mumble Jumble decided to record the band secretly with the intention of capturing the purest form of music. But how do you record a band professionally without them realising? The band was told it would be a rehearsal weekend in Germany. A huge experiment, a spider web of lies and an absolutely unique experience of music.


Paul Istance – vocals, trumpet
Marlon Pichel – drums, vocals
Pim Koppen – bass, vocals
Jesse Koch – electric guitar, vocals
Leah Uijterlinde – vocals, clarinette, percussion
Julia Moon – acoustic guitar, vocals
Joshua Aaron – piano, vocals
Leroy van der Poel – sousaphone, euphonium, vocals
Tom Gelissen - Producer
Pim Versteeg - Recording Engineer
Vince van Seggelen - Assistant Recording Engineer
Simone Schellmann - Management