TOGETHER is ANTILLECTUAL’s new album! Over the last years the Dutch three piece has released multiple singles, changed their lineup, and then there was the pandemic… Seven years after the band’s latest full length, a worldwide group of twenty-plus labels can finally present a new album!

Togetherness is the thread that’s weaving through all songs. Capturing the feeling that current day problems can’t be solved without combining forces. Antillectual is releasing this album with a Do It Together approach; in cooperation with music industry friends the band made over the years. All previous digital singles are re-recorded and included in the tracklist. Since the creation of the record was an extensive project extra effort was put into molding the album into a whole. Antillectual is thrilled that Ian Legge aka the Punk Cellist appears on their track Helping Hands. Enough reasons to check this new album in its entirety!

TOGETHER is ANTILLECTUAL’s mission statement to convert social urgency to catchy punk rock. How can you NOT be an engaged band as the world burns?!


Muzikanten: Ben Joosten, Riekus van Montfort, Willem Heijmans, Ian Legge Engineer: Tim van Doorn