Traces of Memory

Lucas Martínez

Traces of Memory is the safety box where I save my most precious emotions from the amnesia created by the pass of time. It’s a catalog of melodies that, by hearing and playing them, transports me to the moments in which I composed them, what I lived and felt. In the same way that revisiting a photo album fosters memories, Traces of Memory is my own sound album of experiences and memories.


Institutions that supported the project: SENA Muziekproductiefunds, Fonds Podium Kunsten, Amarte Concerts, Institut Ramon Llull & La Martà International Residencies Band members: Lucas Martinez tenor sax Roger Santacana piano Giuseppe Campisi double bass Lluís Naval drums All the tracks are originals by Lucas Martínez Featuring: Ashton Sellers guitar (tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 8) Alba Careta voice (tracks 7, 9) Chemist voice and lyrics (track 2) Jose Martinez voice (track 6) Isabel Membrilla & Clara Adell lyrics (track 7) Recording: Marc Piña Pre-mix: Vernau Mier Mix & master: Katsuhiko Naito Musical production: Lucas Martínez & Ashton Sellars (#2) Executive production: Seed Music & Lucas Martínez