Trust The Path

The Marvin Road

THE MARVIN ROAD The Marvin Road is a newcomer band lead by Marle Martens and Vini Gomes. Their truthful lyrics and catchy melodies are inspired by their own life stories, conveying a sense of honesty. Influenced by a broad array of music styles and genres, this dynamic duo bring their very different but complementary qualities to form the sound and style of The Marvin Road.

EP ALBUM – TRUST THE PATH ‘Trust The Path’ is The Marvin Road’s very first EP Album, which consist of a range of folk pop songs that linger for a long time with flawlessly interweaving harmonies. Reoccurring themes in their music are love, trust, overcoming darker days and celebrating life. ‘Hours and Hours’ is about forgetting time and space while sharing moments with someone you love. ‘Please Turn On The Light’ talks about needing a helping hand while going through a difficult time in life. ‘So simple’ is about trusting your inner voice and following your heart. The folk pop songs on this album are guitar driven, vibrant, soulful and steeped in singer-songwriter tradition, enhanced by Vini’s rock energy and Marle’s pop interpretation. The EP Album transports their pure, honest emotions and their view on life.


Vocals: Marle Martens & Vini Gomes
Guitar & Keys: Bas van Wetten
Bass: Jelle Stokhof
Drums: Micky Fisser
Producers: Bas van Wetten, Marle Martens & Vini Gomes
Mix en Master: Bas van Wetten