Wait For Daylight


“‘Wait For Daylight’, was written in the early mornings in my home in Amsterdam and is a song about the night and the start of an anxious, dark phase I had. Sometimes I’d wander silently, preoccupied, stuck, afraid to dive into the deep waters. I wouldn’t consider myself to be shy, but I tend to limit oversharing, not being able to find the right words while in music I can so easily express myself. I realize that others would perhaps perceive me as heavy-hearted and I guess that makes sense- as a young girl I felt life was pretty frightening and for a large part I am still that same girl.”

HEBE plans on releasing her video for ‘Wait For Daylight’ April 12 before turning her gaze to a full-length album scheduled for Novembre 2022 with a concert in Bitterzoet Amsterdam.


Producers Hebe Vrijhof, Evert Zeevalkink en Peter Kriek
Mix en Master Peter Kriek
Songwriting Hebe Vrijhof en Sander de Bie
Muzikanten Hebe Vrijhof, Evert Zeevalkink, Sander de Bie, Martijn Bosman