Wicked Light

Legiana Collective

Wicked Light is the new album by Legiana Collective, a young folk collective with a focus on harmonic vocals, poetic stories and a strong groove.

From time immemorial, troubadours have traveled through the country making music, playing at markets, at weddings, funerals and festive banquets. Folk music is the music of life, played for centuries and renewed by musicians who pick up songs everywhere and pass them on. Legiana Collective stands firmly in that tradition and adds new standards to the repertoire, with an album that takes listeners on a journey through many folk styles and languages. Wicked Light muses about the light and dark sides of life, in symbolic stories on love, revenge, freedom, the sea, the woods, and death.

The musicians of Legiana Collective first played together on the streets four years ago, and have since toured throughout Europe, where they cause a stomping folk party with every performance. The group’s philosophy of working together in a collective without authority or egoism can be heard in the arrangements of the songs, in which the timbres and textures of nine voices and instruments blend harmoniously into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The album’s artwork is created from original handcrafted woodcuts that organically illustrate the stories.

After a first album that forged their sound, performances at Eurofolk Festival Ingelheim, a boat tour on sailing ship de Vrijbuiter and a successful collaboration with Georgian vocal group Trio Mandili, Legiana Collective is ready to become one of the most exciting and innovative folk bands of their generation with their second album Wicked Light. The release party will take place on Saturday March 18 at 20:00 in Treehouse NDSM, Amsterdam.


Marleen Brand: vocals, cello Ari Ari: vocals, jarana Annelies Jonkers: vocals, violin, autoharp Laura Verstappen: vocals, banjo guitar, pandeiro Floris Venema: drums and percussion, backing vocals Bjarke Ramsing: mandolin, backing vocals Joep van Langen: double bass, backing vocals Emanuele Franceschini: diatonic accordion, backing vocals Teun van Langen: guitar, double bass, percussion, piano, backing vocals Jaap de Vries: trumpet Mixed by: Teun van Langen Mastered by: Andrew Skinner Album Art: Laura Verstappen