Wouter en de Draak

Wouter en de Draak

Both the guitarist Joris Alblas and melodeonist Wouter Kuyper have had years of experience in playing balfolk in the Netherlands and surroundings each in different bands. Once they joined hands this duo was playing the stars from, and the dancers’ feet to, the sky!

In a refreshing blend of their instruments it’s usually the accordeon taking the lead, but they just as easy switch roles when the guitar eloquently plays the melody and the accordeon subtly fills in the harmony. This powerful combination is the startingpoint for some versatile dancemusic. From soothing mazurkas to beautiful bourrĂ©es, via whirling waltzes and humming hanterdros, and everything with a gentle drive.

To make sure real fans get the pleasure of enjoying our CD before anyone else we have decided to put our CD slowly, track by track, on all streamingservices. The first 2 singles are online, the third will be online the 17th of june.


Joris Alblas, gitaar
Wouter Kuyper, trekharmonica/doedelzak


Harald Bauweraerts, draailier
Ies Muller, fluit/bombarde
Frank van Vliet, trompet/bugel
Roeland Uijtdewilligen, percussie

Studio Trad / Jeroen Geerinck, mixing/mastering